Oral Thrush: How to use colloidal silver as treatment

We’ve talked a lot about thrush on this blog but oral thrush also known as oral candidiasis is a painful and problematic condition.

Especially as it’s nature means that it can easily be passed on to others before you’re even aware of the symptoms. There are also drug-resistant strains of this type of candida making it difficult to treat with anti-fungal medicines.

But there are natural solutions to be able to treat oral thrush, one of them being the use of colloidal silver.

What is oral thrush and what symptoms may you experience?

Oral Thrush is a caused by the overgrowth of candida albaicans in the lining of the mouth. Whilst it’s normal for us to have some candida live in the mouth, if it accumulates then it can spread to the roof of the mouth, tonsils, gums and the back of your throat.

You may experience symptoms such as white lesions, bleeding and redness. And if left untreated, oral thrush can further weaken your immune system leaving your body open for more serious illnesses.

As we mentioned, oral thrush is communicable and can be passed from one person to another.


Oral thrush can develop suddenly and if not treated can become more serious. Usually the first symptom you’ll experience are a creamy white lesions in the mouth, whether it’s on your tongue, the roof of your mouth or inner cheek. The lesions are painful and may even bleed if they become irritated by food or your toothbrush.

Inflammation of the mouth, loss of taste and oral mucous are also some common symptoms associated with it.

What causes overgrowth?

There are a variety of reasons why you may come down with oral thrush however some key causes are:

  • Weak immune system
  • Certain medications including birth control and antibiotics
  • Cancer treatments
  • Diabetes
  • Dentures

How does colloidal silver help?

There are many ways you can use natural remedies to help heal oral thrush. The antiviral and alkaline properties of colloidal silver will help support and strengthen the immune system.

The other way that colloidal silver works is by not attacking the pathogen, but rather deactivating enzymes that are responsible for the metabolism of the organism. So you’re less likely to get recurring bouts after using the product.

When it comes to using colloidal silver then be sure to use a good quality version such as the one we supply at Pure & Me. A good quality silver doesn’t contain any additives or added chemicals that reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

Many simply spray the affected area with colloidal silver for instant relief and then 2 or 3 times a day.

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