The Benefits of Lemon Water

What if I told you that there’s a drink that’s inexpensive to make, is loaded with vitamin C, is great for detoxing the body – inside and out, can help you lose weight and is 100% pure and natural?

You’d be thinking that I’m about to tell you about something I’ve seen on a late night infomercial but you’d be wrong. This wonder drink is the humble lemon water.

Lemon water has been a wellness staple for quite some time and it’s no surprise when you look at some of the benefits this thirst quenching drink provides.

We all know that lemons are a superfood, they are packed with vitamin C and also have a healthy dose of potassium, magnesium, copper and B6.

The Main Benefits of Lemon Water

You may be thinking the benefits of this drink won’t take long to reel off. After all, it’s just slices of lemon in some plain old H2O but for such a simple drink, it packs a strong punch.

It’ll help with digestion

The atomic structure of lemon juice mimics that of the digestive juices found in the human stomach. This means that by drinking a glass of lemon water, you’re tricking the liver in to producing bile, which will help keep food moving through the gastrointestinal tract.

Lemon water is also extremely good if you’re suffering from an upset stomach.

Lemon water can also help stabilise insulin levels. This is because the acids found in the juice of a lemon encourage the body to process the “good stuff” in foods at a slower rate resulting in a longer absorption period. Better nutrient absorption also results in less bloating.

Detoxing properties

Lemon water benefits the enzyme functions within the body and stimulates the liver therefore flushing out toxins. Lemon water is a mild diuretic so you may find yourself peeing more than usual when drinking it, but it will also aid the urinary tract get rid of any unwanted nasties that maybe lurking.

You get more Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to good, overall health. It stimulates the white blood cells in the body, which will boost your immune system and will keep coughs, colds and flu at bay.

Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant and will protect cells from oxidative damage.

It will heal the body and rejuvenate your skin

Not only will the vitamin C found in your drink help strengthen your immune system, but it will also fight the damage caused by free radicals meaning fresher, healthier looking skin.

And that’s not the only beauty benefit. Vitamin C will help the body to produce collagen which is the most abundant protein within our bodies. It’s quite simply, the glue that helps hold us together. However, as we age, our bodies natural collagen production slows down – which leads to signs of ageing, sagging skin and joint pain.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claimed that by regularly consuming vitamin C, this leads to less wrinkles and younger looking skin.

It could help you lose weight

Lemons contain pectin which is a type of fibre that is commonly found in fruits. Pectin will help you feel fuller for longer meaning that you should crave less food during the day.

It’ll keep you hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential. Even if you’re mildly dehydrated you can experience symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and mood swings. By drinking your lemon water you’ll be keeping your hydration levels topped up and you’ll feel a lot better.

It’ll give you an energy boost.

Before you reach for a cup of coffee in the mornings, try a mug of warm water and lemon. It’ll give you the needed energy boost but without the caffeine crash afterwards. This is because our bodies gleam energy from the atoms and molecules within our food. When negative-charge ions such as those found in lemons enter our digestive tract, the results are a natural energy boost.

These are just a few reasons why lemon water is a great addition to your day and we haven’t even mentioned that just smelling lemon can help boot your mood and reduce your stress levels.

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