Turmeric : The Ultimate Super Spice

Ok so pop quiz: What do chronic stress, refined carbohydrates and sugar have in common?

Answer: Inflammation.

And inflammation is associated with just about every health condition found in the body.

But good news there’s an antidote and it can be found right there in your spice rack.

Turmeric is a staple spice in Asian and Indian cuisine and is so much more powerful than just giving dishes flavour and providing a vibrant yellow colour. This little spice packs a pretty big health punch.

It is an antioxidant that has been shown to reduce inflammation which means a lower risk of chronic disease as well as a host of other benefits. It’s also loaded with nutrients such as protein, niacin, Vitamins C/E/K, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Here are just some of the benefits that you can experience when using Turmeric.

It can help fight against cancer.

Turmeric is a powerful weapon in the fight against prostate cancer. Research has show that it can stop the growth of existing prostate cancer and even destroy the cells.

It can relieve arthritis.

As we’ve mentioned turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties meaning it’s great for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Perfect for diabetes control.

Turmeric has a positive influence on helping moderate insulin levels. It can help improve glucose control and increase the effect that medication for treating diabetes has. However, do check with a healthcare professional before you start taking turmeric to help with any diabetes based symptoms as when combined with certain medication it can cause low blood sugar.

It’s an immune booster.

With winter setting in, there are coughs, colds and sniffles everywhere so of course, you’re going to want to protect yourself against these threats. Turmeric can help with this. The spice contains a substance known as lipopolysaccharide which helps stimulate the body’s immune system. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that will strengthen your immune system and help you fight back against seasonal threats.

Top tip: If you feel a cold coming on then mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in with a glass of warm almond milk and drink it daily. Your cold will soon disappear.

Helps to heal wounds.

As we mentioned above, turmeric has powerful anti-bacterial and antiseptic agents meaning that if you have a cut or a burn just a sprinkle some turmeric on the area and it’ll help speed up the healing process.

Weight management.

Turmeric can help maintain a healthy body weight. A component that is present within the spice helps to increase the flow of bile, which is essential in the breakdown of dietary fat. So there’s no excuse to turn down an invitation to the curry house!

It also helps with digestion.

The same component that’s mentioned above also helps to reduce bloating and can improve digestion by stimulating the gallbladder. It’s best to consume the turmeric in its raw form when trying to ease any digestive problems.

A natural teeth whitener.

You may be thinking that turmeric will stain your teeth but actually, the opposite is true. Ditch those nasty bleach filled teeth whitening products in favour of turmeric and coconut oil.

Simply mix together 4 teaspoons of turmeric, 2 teaspoons of banking soda and 3 teaspoon of coconut oil to create a paste. Then use the mixture to brush your teeth for around 3 minutes. When you’re done rinse well with water. And voila - sparkling white teeth.

It’s amazing for skin care

Because of it’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is great for those with skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. It will also help leaving your skin feeling youthful and fresh by fighting off the free radicals that cause signs of ageing.

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