About Pure and Me

Pure and Me is a family-owned and managed UK based business.

We handpick a select range that offers you the chance to discover natural food supplements.

We guarantee non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% active ingredients with no nasty additives. Making our products as clean and pure as they can be.

We use ethically sourced products from trusted suppliers and our products are designed to enhance your natural health.

Our food supplement d-mannose supports bladder health and the natural healing process of the body.

Raw materials of our products are produced in Europe. D-mannose tablets are made in the USA in a fully approved FDA facility ensuring they are of the highest quality.

Jane’s Story

After a period of ill health a few years ago, which led to being plagued with regular UTI’s and latterly full blown kidney infections.  Stronger and stronger antibiotics were needed to treat the same infections and the side effects were difficult to live with.

Desperate for an alternative to antibiotics and after researching different food supplements reputed to support bladder health.  Jane discovered, d-mannose a simple sugar naturally present in many fruits (including cranberries), plants and shrubs.   She never took antibiotics again for a UTI.  With a change towards a more alkaline diet and taking other food supplements to support the healing process Jane regained full health and is committed now to helping others.

Our Philosophy

We will only ever sell products of the highest quality. We will never compromise on quality.

We love food supplements that make a difference but we don’t like the confusing messages that accompany them.

We don’t want to intimidate you with a huge list of supplements or bewilder you with a mass of information.   Our plan is to handpick a select range that offers you the chance to discover natural food supplements.

We started with just one food supplement d-mannose which supports bladder health.

We took some time to source it as we wanted to ensure the quality was of the highest standard.  The d-mannose is made in Europe and the entire production process is food grade.  The tablets are made in California in a fully approved FDA facility ensuring the tablets are of the highest quality.

We are now introducing other products that also enhance the body’s natural healing power.

Giving Back

The founder Jane has been inspired by businesses that do no harm, whilst also being commercially successful.  We choose to support charities and give back a proportion of our profits each year.

As a small young company we have chosen a local charity, Spectrum Days spectrumdays.co.uk who do amazing work supporting young adults with a range of difficulties and their families.  Each penny makes a positive difference to the facilities at the charities day care centre.

Each year we will choose different charities.  The main criteria being, to make a difference with our contribution.

Responsible Sourcing

When choosing suppliers we take into account environmental and social factors.

We source the highest quality raw ingredients and work closely with our suppliers, thereby ensuring superior purity and bio-availibility of ingredients in our products.

Presently we do not source any ingredients from China we want to be sure of our supply chain and get to know our suppliers currently due to logistics this is not possible so we concentrate on buying from Europe. Some tablets are formulated in a FDA approved facility in America.

Our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.