Colloidal Silver FAQs

Is silver a heavy metal?

No silver is not a heavy metal, it is a precious or Noble metal. Silver cannot be oxidized into a toxic compounds like lead and mercury, which is why we use it for jewellery, cooking utensils, drinking vessels and many other uses where its safe antibacterial properties are required.

What is PPM?

The Parts Per Million (PPM) issue is very confusing and we think, misleading

PPM is NOT an indicator of strength, its just an indicator of how much silver there is in the solution. It’s the particle size thats important our manufactures get the particle size correct, which is why the solutions have such a good reputation.

Unfortunately, particle sizes increases with PPM so a higher PPM solution can have a much higher particle size. This is called agglomeration.

Are your bottles glass or plastic?

Currently we only sell colloidal silver in amber glass bottles.

So what is the difference between glass & plastic?

It’s the thickness of the wall of the bottle; that’s all. Actually it’s quite simple. Everything that has a charge will eventually discharge. This is called leakage. Dielectric is the stuff between the + side and the – side, which could be anything such as air, water, glass, plastic etc. Both glass and plastic are excellent insulators BUT the wall of a glass bottle is many times thicker than a plastic bottle so its leakage is much less.

Glass is always the premium product but plastic is quite acceptable as a refill and for short term/high volume use.

How is Pure and Me colloidal silver tested?  This information has been supplied by our manufacturer.

Our colloidal silver has been tested by the World Wide Anti-Doping Agency and has (WADA) Certification.  A certificate can be supplied on request.

To ensure our products can be safely used by sports men and women at the highest processional levels, our Traditional Amber Solution has been screened by a WADA approved laboratory to ensure it is free from prohibited substances and can now be used with confidence in all sports.

Independant Analysis - Drinking water regulations (c)2011

Has been tested independently under the DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate) Regulations which confirms the quality and safety of our solutions for ingestion. These tests also include tests for bacteria such as Staph & E. Coli which is very important.

EU Cosmetic Regulation Testing - Plymouth University (December, 2013)

Pure and Me colloidal silver has been tested for compliance with the EU Cosmetic Regulations and is safe to use as a topical substance.